A Girl Can Only Hope

Just a few Confessions

  • I just counted 15 bottles/tubes of body lotion on my dresser.
  • I afraid of my classes at school... all of them.
  • I snitched on my supervisor last week, and he got fired.
  • Recently I bought five 12-packs of retractable Sharpies in assorted colors.... just for fun.
  • For Easter, I received a plastic tube full of cats topped with a cat head. Not kidding.
  • I sewed the curtains for my room, and matching pillows.... I am also in the middle of making my first quilt.
  • I have been spending as much time away from my apartment as possible recently... I can't stand the sound of my roommates voices.
  • Every time I eat at Taco Bell, I tell myself I am never going back.
  • I found out that my roommates boyfriend makes fun of her behind her back while he is at work. I am not going to tell her because I think she deserves a jerk like him.

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