Life in Fast Motion

So I have officially become a bad blogger. That's okay, though, because I think it means I have a life. Maybe. Last time I updated, I was in Missouri to see my grandpa for the last time. My mom and I got there after a 36-hour experience on the road with the neighbors that live accross the street from her. They were coincidentally making the drive that week to visit their daughter in Nevada, Missouri, which is about an hour away from the tiny town where my grandparents live. It was an interesting journey, to say the least. I ended up leaving my cell phone at the Days Inn in Salina, Kansas on the way out there. I ended up having no phone until the day before we left to fly back. It's not like I would have gotten decent phone reception there anyway, so it was okay. While in Missouri, I got to meet some relatives that I'd never met before. My mom has a half-brother who has three kids that I didn't know about, and I got to meet them. They were mostly nice. I say mostly because the youngest one-- 15 years old-- was quiet, and shy and strange. My mom also has a step-sister who has three kids, the oldest two I'd never known about. So, yay for unknown cousins, I guess. Anyway, the night after we arrived my grandpa passed away after a brief fight with bone cancer. My seester was able to take time away from her job to fly out for an eventful (or not so eventful) week of celebrating, funeral-going, commiserating, RV-sleeping, and bad beer drinking. I was hoping to add a picture or two here, but my camera was out of commission during the trip, and Seester has not sent me any pictures yet.

The day before we left for Missouri, I accepted a job in Colorado. I had no idea that I would even be going to Missouri at that point, and I had agreed to start on the 22nd of August. That meant that when I returned to Utah on the 18th, that I would have less than a week to pack my apartment and the things at my mom's house before I flew out to Colorado that Friday. Combine the lack of time, and my lack of planning ahead, and I was a stressed mess! I managed to clean my apartment in time, and pack two boxes of less than 50 pounds each to check as luggage. I arrived at DIA after spending the entire flight staring at the hottest guy I'd ever seen. I was so flustered trying to follow him off the plane that I forgot my carry-on, and had to turn around and go back onto the plane and get it. I am retarded.

More later!

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