Why I Am In Missouri:



Silly Survey

Your name:

Sometimes people call you:
Emms, Emmzo, Em, E, Emily Marie! (which is not my middle name, FYI), Sham-Sham, Donkeypuncher

You have been making the world more amazing since:

You made your debut in:
Boulder, Colorado

You are the oldest/youngest/or middle sibling:
Middle-ish. Two older-- one by seven years, the other by seventeen years-- and one two-and-a-half years younger.

Your favorite type of music:
I don't know anymore. How about rock/pop/punk/reggae/blues/electronic/indie/r&b/classical/vocal/hip-hop?

You sleep with this many pillows:
Seven. No joke. Two body pillows, a feather pillow, a standard pillow, a latex foam pillow, and two throw pillows that I made to match the curtains I sewed.

What you have the most of in your bedroom:
Probably clothes. I have lots of clothes, and they are quite noticeable right now, as most of them are in a giant heap on my second bed. Now, if the question was asking what takes up the most area in my room, I would say beds.

You have this many piercings:
I'm never sure if having your ears pierced counts as one piercing, or two. So, I have two if we go with the first option, or three if we go with the latter.

You have this many tattoos:

This is your blog, how many people do you think read it:
Not many, but according to my stat counter, 28 in the last seven days. Impressive, since I haven't posted anything new in almost a month. Also, my stat counter says that someone in Louisiana comes here a lot. I don't know anyone in Louisiana. Who are you?

Something about your neighbor across the street:
I don't have a neighbor across the street. Instead I have a parking lot outside my bedroom window, and a river beyond the parking lot, and a busy street beyond the river. I do have upstairs neighbors who are quite noisy late at night. Good thing I don't usually sleep at night, so I don't get mad... I just steal their wireless instead.

Name an item you've kept since you were young:
I still have my blankie that my mom quilted for me before I was born. It stays on my bed at her house, though, so I don't know if that counts. On the shelf above my bed is the conch shell my grandma gave me when I was three.

You get your money from:
Well, I used to have a job, and I got my money that way, but then I went to Colorado for a while and got paid some money to be there. Now I think I am going back to Colorado to get some more money.

Your natural hair color is:
I'm not sure. I like it the way it is now,
but I'll have to go back to my AMAZING hairstylist in Littleton to get it done again next month. That lady is a genius!

Name the bands you have band tees for:
Third Eye Blind (3), Jimmy Eat World (3), The Format (3), John Mayer, All-American Rejects, Shiny Toy Guns, U2, O.A.R., *NSYNC

Your nails are painted:
Fingernails? Never. Toes? Always.

How many pairs of sweatpants do you own?
Way too many to count. If I could get away with living in lounge wear, I would.

Have you ever had sex in a public place?
Oh, the joys of young lust.

You're on a beach... what do you draw in the sand?
My name in cursive.

Exes... friends or foes?
I'm not a huge fan of the dude, but who cares.

Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?
I enjoy sleeping alone and I feel sorry for the next person to fall asleep with me... I've been told that I have sharp elbows. Also, I will kick you.

What was the weather like on your birthday?
On the actual day of my birth? I hear it was snowy that day. This year? Sunny.

What time is it, and why are you not doing something more productive with your time?
5:41 am, and I can't sleep.

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