My Favorite Seester!!!

UPDATE: I had this post all ready to publish on the correct day, but something happened with blogger, and it didn't go through when I set it to. It's okay, though, because in my family we celebrate birthdays a whole week before and after they happen.


Today is my favorite sister's favorite day-- her birthday! Sara and I really didn't get along when I was younger because I always wanted to be just like her, and she didn't like that. When I was three, I broke her new dollhouse. When I was thirteen, I stole her portable CD player (and anything else she left behind when she went to college). I'm pretty sure I annoyed the living hell out of her. One day something changed, because now we are closer than ever, and I am her biggest fan. Thank you for not killing me all of those years. Thanks for staying up with me on my loneliest nights and talking to me for hours on the phone while we watched QVC until three in the morning. I am so glad I have someone else who thinks it is fun to drive around Springfield, Missouri in a cherry red Mustang while wearing chote bandanas and listening to Jesse McCartney. Wanna chug a warm can of beer and ride a Ferris wheel with me?

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I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions, but this is my plan for 2009:

Seester and I are having our own mini version of The Biggest Loser, with a punishment I cannot disclose to be doled out if we do not meet our personal goals. It's a doozy of a punishment, so I'll be spending a lot of time making sure I meet those goals. Good thing my gym is overflowing with hotties and smells like flowers.


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