Hey Readers, Are You There? It's Me, Emily

I figured it was time for another post, mostly due to the fact that since I last updated, I have had 3 comments. I never have comments. Ever. Kathy says that I have strangers that love my blog. Who woulda thunk? Thanks for reading my nonsensical banter, Kathy. I'm glad someone thinks it's amusing.

Right now I am at work- the lovely, fun, amazing place I call work. I have this daunting feeling that my phone will ring any minute, and that the person on the other end of the line will have a situation that is entirely too complicated for me to handle right now. Under any other circumstances... bring it on. Today, though, not so much. Maybe I am just bitter at the idea of 19 year old boys that I trained less than a month ago being promoted to positions above me, only because they know someone higher up in the company. Perhaps. Also, I am tired.

I will update about my birthday a little bit later... maybe when I'm not being watched like a hawk. I guess I will just return to sitting at my desk, eating plain goldfish crackers, and wondering who keeps turning on the air conditioning.

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