viva la monkey

Once every year or so, I buy myself a new duvet cover for my down comforter. Well, a few weeks ago, I took the jersey knit cover off because it finally got too warm. That left me with the pink floral number that I bought on ebay three years ago:

Yes... it's from Pottery Barn... Teen.

I'd been looking a lot at Ikea, but for some weird reason, the stuff there wasn't really tickling my fancy. It all seemed too grown up or something. I know what you're thinking... anything seems grown up compared to that up there. I know... but I was still hoping to find something a step above the bubblegum pink flowers and serious stripes and solids. Want to know what I found? This:

If you look real hard you can see... monkeys!!!

I googled "monkey duvet". Not kidding. It's from target.com, and I believe you can also find it in stores. It was shipped out today, and I am obsessively checking the package tracker on UPS. I like that the design is one big picture, rather than a repeating pattern. Plus, who doesn't like an adorable monkey now and then?

I have come to the conclusion that someday I might have a husband, and we might have to do some compromising in the bedding department. For now, though, I shall live it up!

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