Present for Myself

The other day I stumbled across the site Delight.com, which is now one of my new favorites. They feature a new deal every day at noon, but unlike similar sites such as woot.com, Delight continues to carry the products they feature instead of just doing one item at a time. I was browsing the jewelery and found this little beauty:

I bought myself the silver one, and I love it.
The awesome thing is that it shipped the same day I ordered it, and since the company is based out of Denver, I got the package the next day. They even wrapped it in silver and pink tissue paper, and threw in some extra goodies for me in the box, so it was like openeing a present for myself, from me.

2 thoughts:

Steve Clegg and Jen Shear said...

Emily...you are adorable and I want to be friends. I think that I will be in Denver from the 18th to the 21st of December. Let's get together..yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ I want to use you to fix my log, too, by the way! I hope you don't mind and I hope you'll accept :)

Steve Clegg and Jen Shear said...

That should say blog...oops.

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