It's That Time Again...

It’s that time again… moving time.  Tine to un-decorate.  Time to pack.  Time to thin out all of my junk.  There’s nothing like a move to help you get rid of things.


I started the process two weeks ago, packing small boxes of things, and sending them on their way.  Now it’s down to the wire, and I have to get all the rest of this junk packed and ready to go for tomorrow.  You’d think I have it pretty much done by now… but I don’t.  Not even close.  It doesn’t help that I could win trophies for my procrastinating skills, if there were such trophies.  (See, I’m doing it again, by going off on a tangent about procrastinating…typical.) 


Here’s my problem—I collect things.  Not really any certain thing in particular, just things.  So, I have a lot of things to sort through and thin out.  I guess in a way I’m kind of lucky that I move so much, or I would have waaay more things in my collection of things, due to never having to thin it out.  I sifted through my clothes, and got rid of about a third of what I had.  Sounds great, right?  No.  I still have too much stuff.  For example, I bought one of those vacuum-pack space-saving bags so I could put my down comforter in it and compress the hell out of it, and hopefully it would take up less space.  The particular bag came with a free smaller ‘travel’ bag in the package with it.  I decided to put my underwear in it.  Well, let’s just say that now my underwear now only take up one-fifth of the volume in my giant suitcase, instead of one-half.  The bag does its job marvelously, but my stuff is still too much.  You may be wondering why I can’t just get rid of more stuff, and the answer is quite simple, really… because I NEED eighteen pairs of pajama pants, damn it!  I NEED THEM!

I had some sort of analogy about an elephant in a petting zoo that I was going to use here, but I’m deliriously tired, and can’t remember it, so you’ll just have to make up your own, and hope it’s a funny as mine was going to be.

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Feenie said...

Em, you rock. Where are you moving? You better be coming back here to UT!!

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