Vanilla Twilight

Right now I am sitting outside on the front porch being dined upon by ravenous mosquitoes as the moths flock to the light of my laptop screen. The neighbor kids are lighting fireworks down the street and the popping sounds echo off the mountains and interrupt my train of thought.

The other day I dropped my laptop and it landed on the power cord, right where it plugs in to the back. It broke off a crucial piece. Now I have to order a $20 piece of plastic that is the size of my pinky fingernail, and somehow manage to install it without breaking anything else.

Me + the Apple Store + my iPod = FAIL. Me + Google + my iPod = FIXED.

Jelli.net is awesome. Also, Last.fm, ftw.

I managed to get through the day only having told one person the fuck off and get a life. It’s okay, it was on the Internet. It’s still early, though.

This root beer float is delicious.

New playlist: Passion Pit, Modest Mouse, Owl City, The Shins.

There is a nest of five tiny baby birds inside the hanging flower basket outside my front door. They squeak and chirp so helplessly. I feel really sad for them for some reason.

I finished my clinical hours at the hospital. Tomorrow morning I find out when I can take my state boards. When I learn the date of those tests, I will know precisely when I can leave this damn place for good and escape to a city that knows my name…. the city where I want to be.

For now, I just sit and listen. To this:

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