About Me:

I still sleep with a blankie. I got straight A's in college, but I hate school. I think the blue M&M's taste better. I can easily sleep 14 hours a day if undisturbed. I hate showering. I make faces in the mirror almost every time I look at myself. I still have some of the cement on my teeth from when I had braces. I've been fired from 3 jobs. I tend to over-analyze things. I like peas. Sometimes I steal things. I have 9 decks of cards, but I only know how to play 2 card games. I am smarter than I let everyone believe. A lot of the time, I wish I had a different family. I hate making new friends. I take pills for a problem that I don't want to admit that I have. I make something up in every job interview. I swear... a lot... when I'm alone. I've never been on a date. Some of the best memories I have are of drunken nights. I wear pajamas out in public more than most people. I am an excellent liar. When I can't sleep, it's because I can't stop thinking. I can only snowboard heel-side. The last time I got a tooth pulled, I saved it, and now I keep it in my sock drawer. One time at summer camp, I threw up inside someone else's shoes in the middle of the night, and denied it. I am secretly afraid of heights. My mom left me at Denny's once on purpose when I was ten. I don't like chocolate and peanut butter mixed together. My favorite Christmas carol is O' Holy Night... but only the *NSYNC version. When I'm sick, I sleep in my bathrobe. I don't write on my calendars... I only have them because I like the pictures. I have a favorite pen. I like the taste of baby food. I am really good at listening to two conversations at the same time. I still wear one of my ex-boyfriend's t-shirts to sleep in... two years later. I clip coupons, but don't use them. Rocking babies to sleep is my favorite thing that I get paid to do. I hated my senior prom. I really like watching the History Channel. I can't drive without music playing. I learned to drive while barefoot, and I still don't like wearing shoes in the car. I am so very afraid of being alone.


Sleep now, write later

EDIT: Photos are here! Yay!

Tyson and Nick of The All-American Rejects

Tyson of The All-American Rejects

I am so unbelievably tired right now! I logged on to post about the awesome concert I went to tonight, and I know I am too tired to write anything even remotely intelligent sounding. I guess I am just posting this to say that a smarter post will follow. I don't even have any pictures up-loaded to post on here yet. Argh!

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